Camsat CD5804 PTZ Wireless Telemetry and Video Kit

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This Kit Includes the CD-04 PTZ Telemetry Kit and the CAM-5816h Video and Audio Transmission Modules

Included are two CD-04 Wireless Modules and the Cam-5816h Transmitter and receiver units.

Camsat Video and PTZ Telemetry Wireless Kit

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 Wireless PTZ Telemetry Control Details:

CD04 Wireless Telemetric System designed for control high speed cameras and DVRs.

CD 04 professional telemetric module of 500 mW of power, operating within ISM 869MHz frequency band, enables to wireless operation of advanced high speed cameras and DVR`s over 6 km distance. It supports a bidirectional telemetric transmission (half duplex) which is required for most high speed cameras (i.e.: alarm functions from cameras or command acknowledgement functions).

CD 04 systems are designed to meet all requirements for CCTV systems and for modern automatics. The systems can be easy connected with any of our product line, including CAM5816 and TCO5807 systems as well as with other wireless video devices.

CD 04 module is an excellent substitute of wire link as it no restrain the control functions whatsoever. It supports high speed cameras and recorders of any type equipped with protocols of any type used with the RS485 and RS232 serial interface. The module can operate with such protocols as (the list is not exhaustive): PELCO-D , PELCO-P , LG Multix , D-max , VICON, GANZ, SAMSUNG , COP-2 , Santachi , PANASONIC , Longcomity , HUNDA600 , LILIN , VICON , MOLYNX , KALATEL , VCL , Reserved , ALEC, COP-1 , Ultrak , BOSCH Bi-phase ( with additional converter), ARITECH, Sensormatic, Baxal, Dynacolor, etc.


  • bidirectional transmission of RS485, RS232 and TTL 5V protocols
  • control of rotational camers
  • control of DVR recorders
  • remote supervision of alarm and fire systems


  • 10 independent operating channels
  • 500 mW output power - adjustable
  • Baudrate: 1200 to 9600 bps
  • Fluent bidirectional transmission (half duplex)
  • Supports any of video transmission system
  • Operates within free and stable 869 MHz band
  • Fluent, delay-free operation
  • Transparent transmission for protocols used
  • No line-of-sight required
  • Signal retransmission possible
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Quick and easy installation

The CD04 set contains:

  • Bidirectional module with rod antenna (1 pcs)
  • 35 - 50 mm rod clamp (1 pcs)
  • User's manual and Conformity Declaration

The CD04 Telemetric Systems operate in a point - multipoint configuration, i.e. one CD04 module for a control keyboard and one module for each high speed camera.

Exemplary configurations:

  • For an object with one high speed camera: 2 pcs of CD04 and one video set (i.e. CAM5816h).
  • For an object of three high speed cameras: 4 pcs of CD04 and three video sets (i.e. CAM5816h)
  • For an object of 8 high speed cameras: 9 pcs of CD04 and eight video sets (i.e. CAM5816h)



Operating frequency

869.4 to 869.65 Mhz


200mW and 500mW switchable


6 km

No. of channels available



RS485 , RS232 , TTL 5


1200, 2400, 4800, 9600bps


8N1 and 8E1




50 Ohm



Power supply

10 - 15V / 400mA DC

Operating temperature

-20 – 55oC





Wireless Video and Audio Kit Details:

Wireless Video and Audio Transmission System of 5.8 GHz

The set contains: one transmitter and receiver operating within free ISM 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz. Designed for wireless image and sound transmission in professional CCTV systems and wherever the stable and high quality audio-video links are required.

The CAM5816 microwave radiolinks are designed to provide an extremely high parameters of an image transmission even though the heavy industrial interfered conditions occur. These systems are designed for a CCTV security branch, ranging from industrial cameras, or fast rotational cameras, or DVR recorders up to professional audio-video radiolinks of public television.

The possibility of use of up to 8 independent video channels along with high image quality makes the CAM5816h set is suitable for almost every demanding video monitoring system. The additional advantages of radio frequency system are the mount-ability and mobility of the equipment, the possibility to relocate the cameras without any investments. The CAM5816h set can be also an excellent complement to the existing wired monitoring network with no interference in existing cabling.


  • - CCTV cameras
  • - DVR recorders and multiplexers
  • - video radiolinks for monitoring of forests
  • - CCTV television


  • - stable, high quality PAL image transmission
  • - 8 independent video channels
  • - high gain directional antennas providing stable operation
  • - CAM5816h - range of 3 km
  • - CAM5816h /5 - range of 5km
  • - in case of lack of line-of-sight, a signal retransmission and signal range extension are possible
  • - interference free transmission (industrial, 802.11, Bluetooth, radiotelephony, etc.)
    - real time transmission, with no delays nor loss of image quality,
  • - easy to install and completely unattended,
  • - outdoor enclosure with built-in directional antennas.

The CAM5816h set contains:

  • Transmitter with built-in directional antenna - 1 pcs.
  • Receiver with built-in directional antenna - 1 pcs.
  • 35-50mm rod clamp - 2 pcs
  • User's manual and Conformity Declaration

The video systems operate in point-to-point configuration, ie. one CAM5816h set for one camera.

Exemplary configuration:

  • For an object with one camera: one CAM5816h set
  • For an object with three cameras: three CAM5816h sets
  • For an object with seven cameras: seven CAM5816h sets



Operating frequency

5725MHz to 5875MHz


<25mW; 14 dBm



Receiver sensitivity

-85 dBM





No. of channels

8 ( selected permanently )

Video format


Video connectors

(75 Ohm)

Audio connectors

(600 Ohm , 1 Volt p-p)

Audio frequency response

30Hz do 15kHz

Power supply

10 - 12V / 350mA DC

Operating temperature

-20 - 55°C


Rx:164x164x80mm ;Tx:149x103x56




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