Mobile CCTV

Mobile CCTV recorders and cameras for Taxi, car, truck, bus, van, bin lorry, train or tram. Record while you drive with sound. Our Mobile CCTV experts and huge experience in the mobile CCTV field has rapidly made us one of the leaders in the mobile CCTV camera and CCTV Recorder sector. Our recorders include 4, 8 and 16 channel units, in either analogue or Full HD IP recorders. We can also supply hybrid mobile recorders with a mixture of analogue and HD IP inputs. If you are looking for rugged Mobile recorders with EN51055 certification then you need to talk to us. Our mobile cameras and recorders are in use on trains, trams, buses, trucks and taxis.

Our Mobile Recorders have features such as 3G, GPS, Removeable locking Caddies, WiFi, remote downlaod, remote view. You can view the live footage through 3G and see the vehicle speed and location on Google maps.

We supply a huge range of Mobile CCTV Recorders not listed on our website. Contact us for more details on our range of rugged EN51055 Mobile recorders and cameras.

We also supply EN51055 certified networking equipment, including EN51055 PoE Network switches and WiFI/ 3G mobile routers suitable for trains and trams.

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