HIKVision 4 Camera CCTV Kit with 5MP Cameras

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The very latest 5MP Four Camera TURBO Kit from HIKVision. 

5 Mega-Pixel cameras are 2.5 times sharper than Full HD cameras for exceptional quality.

 Introducing the very latest in Ultra-Sharp 5 Mega-Pixel CCTV Equipment at very special pricing from the World's leading manufacturer of CCTV equipment. We are delighted to announce that we now stock the HIKVision range of 5Mega-Pixel Turbo Analogue HD recorders and cameras. This new range features amazing HD quality at 5MP quality, 2.5 times sharper than 2MP 1080p Full HD! What it means to you is that you now get amazing HD quality in an easy to install package with everything included.

 The 4 channel Kit comes with a 1TB Hard Drive as standard. 5MP uses up more HDD space, so a small 500GB hard drive just won't be enough. This is the new DS-7204HUHI-K1 with H.264+ & H.265+ compression. When enabled it will more than double the storage capabilities of the recorder, giving it equal storage to a normal 4TB H.264 recorder. 

We now supply 100 metres of CAT5 cable instead with Balun adapters with our Turbo kits, not with the older 20m readymade cables


This is the way most professionals install the HIKVision Kits and it's very handy to cut the cables to the lengths you need.


 Official HIKVision Gold Partner 

 This is our lowest cost 5MP High Definition HIKVision Kit ever and it uses the very high quality HIKVision premium Turbo brand. It costs less, but you do not lose out in quality. Even more incredible is that the included HD cameras have the best IR NightVision in their class. The dome cameras can see in total darkness for upto 60 metres and the bullet cameras can see an amazing 80 metres in total darkness. Both of these cameras are far, far better at night vision than comparable cameras from other brands.


You can upgrade to a bigger Surveillance Hard Drive for longer recording times, or swap some dome cameras for Bullet cameras. You can also add a Full HD CCTV Monitor, perfectly suited for this kit - AND at a lower than normal price, or add two or four DS-1280ZJ-TR13 bases to hide the cables and make it easier to mount on walls.

The best HIKVision camera kit just got better!

Featuring incredible 5 Mega-Pixel cameras for pin-sharp images, making it much easier to pick out details other cameras just can't see.

This 4 camera CCTV Kit from HIKVision includes:


1 X iDS-7204HUHI-K1/4S 1TB DVR with Ai

4 X DS-2CE78H8T-IT3F 5MP Turret dome cameras

1 X 100m CAT 5 Cable

4 X Video baluns & DC plugs

1 X Four way 5 Amp Power supply to power all of the cameras

1 X 1TB Seagate Skyhawk surveillance Hard drive pre-installed

Free Delivery anywhere in Ireland

Free Technical Support

3 Year Warranty on cameras and recorder

Free Mobile phone app

*The option to have the recorder programmed for the HIK Connect app means that we will configure the recorder for mobile phone access and create a Hik-Connect account for you, you'll just have to enter the username and password we give you to quickly view your cameras anywhere in the world. (The recorder needs to be connected to the internet). This is an optional extra for people who would prefer us to set this up for them, making it much easier to quickly view your cameras anywhere. The HIK-Connect app is totally free either way and you don't need the programming option if you're able to follow a few simple steps to get the recorder online yourself. We added this option at the request of customers who had experienced difficulties in the past setting up recorders to work with the mobile phone app.

Rear of DS-7204HUHI-K1 recorder:

DS-7204HUHI-K1 Rear

H.265 compression for extra storage capacity:

H.265 Compression for extra recording


HIKVision Mobile Phone App Single Screen Sample

Tap to View Single Camera Screen:

iVMS-4500 Mobile App Sample Image HIKVision

Maximise for Full Screen:

iVMS-4500 Mobile App Full Screen Sample Image HIKVision

Tap Again For Single Camera:

iVMS-4500 Mobile App Full Single Camera Sample Image HIKVision

Single Camera Full Screen:

iVMS-4500 Mobile App HIKVision Sample Image HIKVision

Zoom In With Fingers:

iVMS-4500 Mobile App Full Single Camera Zoom In Sample Image HIKVision

And Again:

 iVMS-4500 Mobile App Full Screen Sample Image HIKVision

Now comes with the latest DS-2CE78H8T-IT3F Ultra-low light Turbo dome cameras with an incedible 60 metre Night-vision, that's over 180 feet!

This is what it looks like at night, click on image for larger view:

DS-2CE78H8T-IT3F 5MP Night Vision Sample Ultra-low Light Turbo Turret

Please note that these full size images are much higher quality than Full HD 1080p, your computer/tablet/phone problably won't display them in their highest quality.

DS-2CE78H8T-IT3F 5MP Night Vision Sample Ultra-low Light Turbo Turret

Daytime shot, notice the great wide angle view:

DS-2CE78H8T-IT3F 5MP SAMPLE Ultra-low Light Turbo Turret


Camera connections:

DS-2CE78H8T-IT3F- camera connections


DS-7204HUHI-K1 Recorder PDF Specifications: DS-7204HUHI-K1 Recorder PDF

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4 Camera CCTV Kit with 5MP Cameras with Fantastic night-vision from HIKVision