1.5KM Range 5.8Ghz Professional Transmitter/Receiver

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Wireless audio/video transmission kit with radio signal level measurement 5,8GHz

TCO5807h - is the latest hermetic wireless set operating within ISM 5725 MHz - 5875 MHz range. It is designed for image and sound wireless transmission in CCTV television systems. TCO5807h supports any CCTV camera and DVR recorder, transmitting the signal  within up to 1,5 km range.

The microwave video radiolinks of TCO5807h symbol have been designed to replace the old generation devices operating within 2,4GHz range. This provides a much better image quality as well as the much stable, industrial interference-free  operation. The possibility of use of up to 7 independent channels, allows this set to transmit signals in almost every video monitoring system. TCO 5807h  are characterized by high image quality, comparable to cable systems, small sizes, easy and quick installation and an affordable price.

The set contains: one transmitter and receiver operating within the free ISM 5.725 GHz to 5.875 GHz spectrum. Designed for wireless image and sound transmission in professional CCTV systems and wherever stable and high quality audio-video links are required.


CamSat 5.8Ghz CCTV wireless Link over 3Km

The CAM5807h microwave radiolinks are designed to provide an extremely high parameter image transmission system even under heavy industrial interference conditions. These systems are designed for CCTV security applications, ranging from industrial cameras, or fast rotational cameras, (High speed PTZ cameras), to DVR recorders or even professional audio-video radiolinks of public television.

Inside the transmitter:

CamSat 5.8Ghz CCTV Link 3km internal view of transmitter

The possibility to use up to 8 independent video channels along with the high image quality makes the CAM5807h kit suitable for almost any demanding video monitoring system. The additional advantages of a radio frequency system are the mount-ability and mobility of the equipment, the possibility to relocate the cameras without any investments. The CAM5807h set can also be an excellent complement to the existing wired monitoring network without interfering with existing cabling.


CamSat 5.8Ghz CCTV Link Kit over 3km inside view of the receiver

Front view of the receiver:

CamSat 5.8Ghz Long Range Wireless CCTV Link

Wireless CCTV Kit 3km Range 5.8Ghz


  • - CCTV cameras
  • - DVR recorders and multiplexers
  • - video radiolinks for monitoring of forests
  • - CCTV television
  • - Ideal for Wireless Cow Calving Cameras


  • - stable, high quality PAL image transmission system
  • - 8 independent video channels
  • - high gain directional antennas providing stable operation
  • -CAM5807h - range of 1.5km
  • - CAM5816h - range of 3 km
  • - CAM5816h /5 - range of 5km
  • - in case of lack of line-of-sight, a signal re-transmission and signal range extension are possible
  • - interference free transmission (industrial, 802.11, Bluetooth, radiotelephony, etc.)
    - real time transmission, with no delays nor loss of image quality,
  • - easy to install and completely unattended,
  • - outdoor enclosure with built-in directional antennas.
  • - Ideal for wireless cow calving cameras, no need to get out of bed at night - view your cows quickly.

 (Pictures are of the 3km version but the CAM5807h is almost identical)


  • CCTV cameras
  • DVR recorders and multiplexers


  • Operation frequency 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz
    Sensitivity - 85dBm
    Output power <25mW; 14 dBm
    Impedance 50 Ω
    Modulation FM
    Operationg channels 7
    Video format PAL or NTSC
    Video connectors BNC (75Ω, 1V p-p)
    Audio stereo 600Ω, 3V p-p
    Audio band 50Hz - 20kHz
    Power supply 10-14V/350mA DC
    Operation temperature -20°C ÷ 50°C
    Operation range from 300 to 1500m
    Dimensions Tx: 125 x 105 x 60 [mm]; Rx 164 x 164 x 80 [mm]
    Application outdoor

 Please Note that this wireless kit absolutely needs LineOf-Sight, (LoS) for it to work. If there is a big tree, wall, house, shed, hill, etc, in the way, it WILL NOT WORK!! We have other kits for these situations.

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