4 Way 5.8Ghz Transmitter/Receiver for CCTV

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4 way transmitter and receiver

Kit of 4 way transmitter and receiver over 5.8GHZ for 4 analogue cameras over a distance of up to 2KM. 5.8GHz in IP65 housing with 4 video BNC outputs (PAL) and 8 audio outputs. 8 selectable channels. Inclusive of directional antenna AK19 -19dbi, angle of work 18/18. Direct line of sight required.

Camsat 5816h multi TX-RX

CAM5816h-Multi is a solution which reduces the number of transmitters and receivers in one monitoring system. It is more cost effective to have one transmitter unit and one receiver that can transmit four analogue video pictures and eight audio channels. Until now a monitoring system with four CCTV cameras required four kits. Now, thanks to the CAM5816h-Multi kit the number of wireless kits is reduced to just one.

This device has one antenna input which allows receiving four video PAL signals simultaneously and eight audio signals. Usage of omnidirectional antenna enables signal receiving from all directions (360º). If signal is being transmitted from just one direction there is a possibility of using directional antenna AK19, what extends range of work as well. Another advantage of multi-receiver is fact that for each video output any selectable frequency can be assigned.

This kit greatly simplifies the transmission of multiple analogue video cameras from one location. One simple four video channels unit instead of four separate transmitters and four receivers.


  • as a multi-kit for sending four independent video signals (PAL)
  • as a signal repeater  
  • cctv installations

Camsat 5816h-multi TX-RX Kit 5.8Ghz RX Closeup


Operation frequency 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz
Sensitivity 87 dBm
Output power <25mW; 14 dBm
Impedance 50 Ω
Modulation FM
Operationg channels 8/16(non UE countries)
Video format PAL or NTSC
Video connectors BNC (75Ω, 1V p-p)
Audio stereo 600Ω, 3V p-p
Audio band 50Hz - 15kHz
Power supply 10-14V/800mA DC
Operation temperature -20°C ÷ 50°C
Dimensions Tx: 245 x 165 x 100 [mm]; Rx: 245 x 165 x 100 [mm]
Application outdoor
  • 4 video inputs/outputs and 8 audio inputs/outputs
  • 16 channels of work
  • for each video input/output any channel of work can be assigned
  • supertension safety device on power input
  • outdoor housing
  • operates with all CAM series devices
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Manufacturer CamSAT
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