2KM Video & PTZ Telemetry Transmission Kit CD9

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Wireless kit for simultaneous data and video transmission.

This is the one we have been waiting for. Previously, you had to have separate Wireless and telemetry transmitters, which was very expensive. This new kits makes it so much easier and so much more affordable.

The Camsat CAM-9 is an integrated transmission system comprising in one compact housing video: transmission and telemetry modules . The main advantage of this product is the simultaneous transmission of telemetry data (RS485 ) and a video signal (PAL) . The CAM-9 is equipped with a video signal converter to UTP cable and terminator of last 485 signal - at 120 ohms , so there is no need to install additional converter BNC -> UTP , however a standard BNC video connector is also available.

Another improvement is surge and interference protection for all lines: Video UTP , BNC , and RS-485 . An incredible advantage that pleases installers is the ability to program the receiver, test the radio connection between the transmitter and the receiver and the ability to encode telemetry data.

All settings are displayed on the LED display , which makes this kit problem-free during and after installation. Similar to CD-04, the telemetry also operates in point-to-multipoint configuration (ie, one control modem and multiple receivers ) .

For installation purposes two types of kits were created : CAM-9-Master for the first camera and the CAM -9- slave for each additional camera. All amenities are designed to save your time and effort spent on the installation.

 Click here for PDF Specifications:CCTV Picture and PTZ control in one device

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